We’re hunting and bargaining. We love eating and cooking good, healthy food – but that doesn’t have to be expensive food. H&B brings our thoughts about finding, planning, and sharing that food – after all, we all have to eat.


I’m a law student thankful to have grown up on “real food” – my favorite snack was an apple and cheese, and potato chips were a rare treat in our house. Now, I’m hoping to navigate the forever changing world of my 20s without eating frozen dinners every day. I’m learning to replace a certain amount of meat in my diet with more beans and vegetables, but I will always have a weakness for good coffee, nutella, apples, and ice cream….


I’m a dietetic intern – in May of 2013 I will be a registered dietitian! Having been raised by an always-on-Weight-Watchers mother, I have spent most of my life being conscious about what I put in my mouth. My grandmother’s skill in the kitchen interested me at a young age, and my love for learning about and creating food only grew when my family subscribed to cable and I watched Food Network each day after school. Since becoming a vegetarian in 2009, I have developed a palate for a diverse range of ethnic food and have taught myself to cook [mostly] healthy vegetarian and vegan meals. My weaknesses are peanut butter, avocado, pretzels, and Clever Crow‘s vegan pizza.

Email us at huntingandbargaining@gmail.com!


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